Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates the subluxation complex using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis.  Literally, all health problems, whether functional or pathological, are involved with one part or all parts of the triad of health: structural, chemical and emotional.  AK enables Dr. Lowe to evaluate your body's functional balance and direct therapy toward the specific imbalances.  Using this method, Dr. Lowe increases his ability to identify and treat the basic underlying causes of your health problem.

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Quantum Neurology

Quantum Neurology (QN) is used to improve neurological function. The same techniques that are used with elite athletes to help maximize their performance are also used for restoring function lost after an injury. We have had much success with recovering function in patients who have suffered from sports injuries, accidents, musculoskeletal, brain, and spinal cord injuries. Anyone can benefit from this form of rehabilitation because it focuses on strengthening the Nervous System.

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Neuro Emotional Technique

Contemporary neuroscience has demonstrated that emotion and our stress responses are largely related to a physiological response in our body. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) specifically works with the ‘physiology’ of emotional/stress responses. The goal of NET is to correct the neuro emotional complex (NEC) – imprinted emotional information affecting physiological function.

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Lowe Chiropractic:

outstanding care for the whole family

At Lowe Sports Chiropractic our purpose is to help you reach an optimal level of health and well-being. We look deeper than just treating symptoms. We take a full-body approach to finding the underlying causes that are keeping your body from functioning as it was intended to. Through our unique combination of techniques, we can assist your body’s innate power to heal.  The body naturally knows how to heal itself and thrive. Occasionally this process can be impaired. Dr. Lowe focuses on finding the root of your problems, then correcting them to restore and maintain your body at peak performance.

Dr. Lowe has provided care for several Olympic athletes, collegiate athletes, as well as high school and club teams. He strives to give each patient - whether they are an athlete, busy Mom, professional, energetic child, and everything in between - customized, thorough care to help you enjoy your active life.

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